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Digital Companion for Legal Fraternity

Previously known as Case Notez, the product is the outcome of ideas as envisioned by a family of lawyers who have understood the issues faced by the legal field and how it can be overcome using technology. The idea of this application is that lawyers can update their complete case details onto the App along with status of each case to keep a check on the progress of the case. SMS and Reminder notifications can be set to keep track of the dates of their cases. It assists lawyers to stay in touch with their clients.

57 Squares

Offline Family Board Game

Indian Board Game gone ditigal

57Squares is a family board game which is played by 4 gamers. The 4 gamers choose either of the colours – orange, blue, yellow or purple in the game. There are 4 pawns for each colour and the first pawn for every player by default will be at the Launch Pad. The player rolls the dice and moves the pawn as per the number depicted in the dice. In a normal scenario it takes 57 squares for a player to reach home. The gamer can encounter a Safe House, a Power House or can encounter another pawn as the pawns move along the squares.

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